Greenland Melt


A recent photo taken by Steffen Olsen, a climate researcher at the Danish Meteorological Institute shows the severity of our climate crisis. 13 of June, The photo captured a group of sled dogs that looks like they are walking trough water in Inglefield Bredning Fjord on. This image indicated a powerful message that climate crisis is real. It is estimated that this week about 40% of Greenland is melting with two billion tonnes of ice to have gone on that single day alone. The second largest ice sheet in the world is in Greenland, however due to record low of Arctic sea ice it has changed some areas of land in to icy lake of water.

Ruth Mottram, a climate expert explained “This year the expedition to retrieve the instruments – by dog-sled, still the most practical way to get around in this region at this time of year – ran into a lot of standing water on the sea ice. The ice here forms pretty reliably every winter and is very thick, which means that there are relatively few fractures for meltwater to drain through. Last week saw the onset of very warm conditions in Greenland and in fact much of the rest of the Arctic, driven by warmer air moving up from the south.”