EU Plastic Ban

The law that will come to effect in 2021 will ban single-use plastics as an effort to fight global plastic pollution that threatens the extinction of our sea animals. According to UN, plastic does $13 billion in damage to marine ecosystem. It is estimated 49 millions of tons of plastic were used and currently less than 40 per cent of plastics is recycled.

Other throwaway plastic items are the biggest single group of waste found on our beaches, products such as straws, plastic cutlery, drink bottles, cigarette butts or cotton buds make up almost half of all sea waste.

We are so excited the wave of change is coming and we have seen countries from Kenya to UK and islands from Caribbean to Bali already banned single-use plastics, still we need to continue to work together and maintain this momentum until our mission to end global plastic pollution is achieved.

So are you ready to join the fight against plastic pollution and make the switch from plastic straws to real straws? Fill this form below for samples request.

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