Do the straws contain gluten?

No. The wheat drinking straws were tested at a micro-laboratory and no gluten was detecte. The enzyme which contains gluten is found in the grain not the stalk. 

Are they compostable?

Yes, just like any plant based product they will break down and become compost and give necessary nutrients to the soil.

How are they produced?

Our straws are the byproduct of cereal production. Once the cereal reaches its maturity the top of the plant is used to make grain whereas the stems are used for animal bedding and feed but in our case we reuse it as drinking straws.

How are the straws cleaned?

The wheat straws are steamed with sterilised water three times before being air dried and packed. The straws have an FDA certification - which means they have been tested to be food safe.

Is the straw waterproof?

Yes, as they are not paper straws that get soggy easily, fortunately our straws have a naturally anti-soggy layer and you can let it sit in liquid for days and still maintain its form.